The All New Apple Ipad 2

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The new Apple Ipad 2 is a real eye opener. They really came a long way in just a year.

Almost half as thin and lighter. But what is really cool is the new dual core A5 chip that not only doubles the performance of the chip itself, it also increases the video engine by 9 times. That means all of the games are wicked fast, smooth and a pleasure to play.

All of this added power and slimmed down architecture and it still packs a 10 hour battery life.
They also added Photo booth, and GarageBand where you can play any instrument and not have to learn how to play it.

The Ipad 2 also takes video phone calls to another level. They designed Face Time video calling. You can switch from the front camera and then turn it around to use the back camera to them where you are. And its all shot i HD so everything you take is a mini masterpiece.

Taking design one step further they added a cover. But not just any cover . You can order it in many colors and choose between polyurethane and leather. Whats cool is that when you reeve the cover the IPAD 2 will automatically wake up. Then when you put it back it goes to sleep.
Secured by a formed magnet on the side it will cling to your IPAD 2 and keep it fresh day after day.
You can also use the cover as a stand which can be at an angle or straight up and down. The cover is extra.

  • The LED backlit display makes everything look vivid, crisp and bright.
    It comes with a gyro, accelerometer, and a compass so you can play games with ultra precision..
    You have multi touch, IOS 4, and you can pick it up in WIFI or 3g models.

Use airplay and stream over 1080P HD Content to your Apple TV. AirPrint will print where ever your printer is at.

Setting the standard and then setting the bar very high, The IPAD 2 Will lead the way in this category. Go pick one up and see what I mean!

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Protect Your iPad Investment!

Purchasing a screen protector for your iPad is an investment into the protection of your device. The benefits that the screen protector offers far outweigh the cons. The following five reasons are some of the most common to get an iPad screen protector. The enhanced value of a screen protector is well worth the cost to nearly every user.

Enhance the Durability

The iPad screen was produced to be incredibly durable to any number of circumstances. It does stand on its own to a number of adverse conditions. The addition of an iPad screen protector only helps to enhance that versatility. The protector can help to absorb some of the deeper scratches by providing more surface materials to work through when dropped or gouged. Not having that extra bit of protection can mean even small, superficial scratches will affect the screen of your iPad.

Prevents Grime Build Up and Touch-Screen Interference

Most iPad protector screens are made with more than protecting the surface of your iPad in mind. Many of them will act as magnets for dust and debris to prevent it from working down into the iPad or damaging the screen. This cleanliness also allows the touch-screen to continue to provide a sensitive, interactive experience. Too much build up on the touch-screen itself will prevent it from reading input from the user correctly. Higher quality iPad screen protectors can go upwards of a week without having to clean fingerprints or debris from the screen.

Diffuses Screen Glare

A large variety of options can come from a variety of manufacturers of screen protectors for the iPad. One of the most popular simply serves to make it easier to use. An iPad screen protector that diffuses glare off the screen allows the user to make use of their iPad in any number of locations. Being able to do one’s work outside on a nice, sunny day can be an option if one is able to see what they are actually working on at the time.

Does Not Sacrifice Sensitivity for the Protection it Offers

Many wonder if purchasing a protector screen will make it harder to use their iPad. This is exactly opposite of the case in most circumstances. Extremely cheap screen protectors for the iPad can have a negative effect on its sensitivity and performance. Quality screen protectors will not only enhance it, but prevent things like fingerprint oil from interfering with the screen. Most screens will have some notation regarding this sensitivity in the specs of their product. One should definitely look for it while choosing an iPad protector.

Preserves a Crystal Clear Picture

When applied properly, the iPad screen protector will not even appear to be there. Some cheaper versions may cause slight fuzziness but most products will not. Finding the right screen protector will leave you with a crystal clear picture that does not interfere with the general operation of your iPad. The addition of a screen protector can lengthen the life of your iPad as opposed to leaving it without.

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Meet The Ipad At The Oscars

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Apple just put up a surprise ad video on the Ipad during the Oscars. Very Cool Check it out!

Meet The Ipad

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Apple made it official Friday, announcing the Apple Ipad will go on sale April 3 with pre-ordering starting March 12. Apple says it will first sell its Wi-Fi-enabled iPads on April 3 and will sell Wi-Fi- and 3G-equipped models “in late April.” On March 12 you’ll be able pre-order either model.

Apple says iPad will be available in Wi-Fi models on April 3 in the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, and $699 for 64GB. The 3G-equipped iPad will be available in late April for a suggested retail price of $629 for 16GB, $729 for 32GB, and $829 for 64GB. iPad will be sold in the U.S. through Apple’s online store, Apple retail stores, and select Apple authorized resellers.

apple ipad and camera

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1password For The Ipad

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The Following is the response I got from 1Password about the Apple Ipad:


It has been many months since our last newsletter and I’m excited to give you an update on what we are working on.

Before we jump in, however, I wanted to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yes, it has been that long!

We were busy working on many exciting new features.

1Password for iPad

Apple’s new iPad announcement was expected and it still blew my socks off. The iPad is the perfect size for traveling and the interface is revolutionary. I dream of replacing all my neighbour’s PCs with iPads to reduce the amount of time I spend on tech support 🙂

Now that we have imagined life with the iPad and played with the new developer tools, I’m happy to say 1Password is coming to iPad in a big way!

I thought you would enjoy seeing our first mockups:

1Password for iPad mockups

These mockups are for brainstorming so expect them to change in the coming weeks.

With nearly 100 comments already I see others are excited about iPad as well!1Password

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Apple has another great one coming out. Apple has released its new Ipad to comepete with Kindle, that is. Apple peeps was expecting, indeed clamoring — for Apple to release such a device — and soon! For Apple to have failed to do so would have been a major letdown (to its customers as well as its stockholders). The momentum was just impossible to resist.

After all, the iPhone is essentially a miniature tablet computer. Apple has shown that it can “do” such a device like no one else. So, despite Steve Jobs past protestations, releasing a new tablet was a no-brainer. All Apple had to do is scale up its brilliant interface to a larger device.

Did I say “all Apple had to do?” The technical challenges in producing this new device, called the iPad, were enormous. Apple had to essentially design a whole new operating system that is not quite the Mac and not quite the iPhone, rewrite its core applications from scratch, and basically rethink the entire way a computer operates.

Apple was not the first to release a new tablet computer, just as it was not the first to release an MP3 player or cell phone, but it may well be the company that succeeds in making the tablet computer truly “catch fire” with the public.

Apple has a tremendous head start with 140,000+ apps for the iPhone, and it wisely designed the iPad to take advantage of them. The iPad can run iPhone apps at their original size, or in “pixel doubled mode” twice the size as on the iPhone, so that they nearly fill the iPad screen. Developers can easily rewrite their iPhone apps specifically for the iPad in such a way as to take advantage of its new features.

How will the iPad affect Internet marketers? Of course, the “i” in its name stands for Internet (and it’s also a clever play on the name of the “iPod”). Surfing the web will be a joy, and a larger screen will give users much more room to work with. Apple’s developers brag that it’s like “holding the entire Internet in your hand,” or like reading a physical book or magazine.

Creation of new apps for the iPad by developers could rival the gold rush that sprang up around the iPhone. Apple offers the SDK 3.2 beta for developers with the tools they need to start creating applications for the iPad, and an iPad simulator that lets them build and run applications on the Mac, lay out the user interface, test memory usage and debug.

Web graphic designers and artists will enjoy the included Brushes application on the iPad’s larger screen, although some may feel that it is something like fingerpainting — a stylus that works with the iPad will not be supported, at least not initially.

Apple has completely rewritten its productivity software iWork for the iPad. Keynote contains custom graph styles, custom-designed themes, animations and effects, and brand-new features designed just for the iPad. Pages includes Apple-designed templates and formatting tools. Numbers offers over 250 formulas, flexible tables and sophisticated charts.

Want to catch up on your marketing reading? Apple has worked hard to make reading e-books, magazines and newspapers pleasurable on the iPad. Apple’s e-book reading software has an interface that looks like a bookshelf. Flip the bookshelf over with your finger, and you’re brought to the online store where you can purchase new books.

The iPad’s built-in Safari browser works just like the one on your Mac. And, like the version on your iPhone, you can scroll through pages by flicking your finger across them, or pinch or double tap to zoom in on a photo.

The Mail application offers a landscape view with a split screen showing both the current e-mail and the unread messages in your inbox. Want to view the current e-mail message by itself? Simply turn the iPad to portrait mode and the message zooms to fill the screen. The iPad will work with popular e-mail providers such as mobile me, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. To compose a message, you just tap and start typing.

This brings us to the onscreen keyboard. Many pundits wondered how text entry would work on Apple’s new tablet device. You can use an external keyboard for typing long documents if you wish. However, I think Apple made the right decision in not attempting to build a physical keyboard into the tablet. The goal of the iPad is to bring your data and web surfing up close for an intimate feel. A keypad would simply get between you and the screen.

The on-screen keyboard is much larger, of course, than what is possible on the iPhone. In landscape mode, the keyboard is almost as large as that on a standard laptop. With just a few tweaks to the word recognition and auto-correction features of the iPhone software, typing on this virtual keyboard, I suspect, could be almost as fast as using a real one. Plus, I believe that voice dictation apps could come quickly to the iPad, just as they have to the iPhone.

And, of course, the iPad includes all of the same features as the iPhone, only in a larger form–video, YouTube, the iPod and iTunes, interactive satellite maps, the notepad, a calendar completely redesigned from the ground up for the iPad, Contacts and Spotlight search.

The iPad will be shipped in three different internal storage configurations and with the option of Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G, for a total of six different models. The base model, the 16 GB Wi-Fi only, will start at a reasonable $499, while the top of the line 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G model will tip the scales at a still affordable $829. Apple has said that, while most new technologies are introduced at a higher price point and slowly work their way down, Apple wanted to do things differently.

When will the iPad be available? Apple expects the Wi-Fi models to ship in late March and the 3G models to ship in April.


The thinness, just 0.5 inches, the light weight, just 1.5 pounds, and the flexibility of this new device are sure to make the iPad popular with Internet marketers and anyone on the go. With its high resolution LED backlight, it’s larger display, it’s responsive multi-touch screen and its powerful Apple-designed processor, the new iPad will be thin and light enough to take anywhere. And I suspect that many people will choose to do exactly that.

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Not surprisingly Apple said that the Ipad device will adhere to a typical Apple Hardware Launch and model the Iphone when it came onto the scene.

Interestingly Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer,at the Goldman Sachs annual tech conference in California Tuesday. He said the iPad will launch in retail, online education and other direct sales from Apple, but will also include the company’s assisted sales from partners like Best Buy.

Cook said he is not concerned that the Ipad will take away sales from other Apple hardware. He said its a totally different user experience and will amaze their users.

That kind of talk resembles when the Iphone came out. It revolutionized the cell phone industry.

ipads for sale

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So here we are a couple days after Steve Jobs unveils the much anticipated Ipad and I got to tell you I am very excited.

I think it has been said that when you look at the Ipad you say “Hey that’s just a bigger Iphone or Ipod” but its really not.

Probably the most fundamental shift from the previous is the size. Multi-touch takes on a whole new meaning when your tapping, squeezing, typing, and launching on a hyper sensitive screen of almost 10 inches.

I don’t think we will really get the feel of it until it is physically in our hands using it on a day to day basis.

You have access to all of the great apps from the iphone and ipod:

  • Safari Web Browser
  • Mail
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Youtube
  • Itunes
  • Appstore
  • Maps
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Spotlight Search

But its all done on this HUGE  9.7 inch fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating led-backlit IPS Display.

Then with the added horse power of the Apple designed 1GHZ a4 Chip that will power that will support 720p video and 160 kbps, 48kh audio. A special version of Iworks suite lets you work with spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

And of course Ibooks. The application that will let you easily read books.

It looks like the Apple Ipad will give the Kindle a run for their money. They do similar things but the Ipad can do so much more. I guess thats why Amazon is thinking of giving them away for free!

Other stuff like:

  • 10hr battery life
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • 3g performance connectivity
  • give you a high tech experience like no other!
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